What my clients are saying

"Thank you SO much - you have such a beautiful healing spirit and touch - so restoring for the body and soul and I appreciate it more than words can say."

"As a surgeon with a busy practice and family life, it is important that I am functioning at my best. Fonda's expertise, calm demeanor, personalized treatments and attention to details are just what I need to achieve this goal. She is an integral member of my wellness team. I value the private, calm atmosphere of her clinical space. I also appreciate the "homework" that she gives me to work on between sessions that include videos and tutorial. Her pricing is very reasonable and you will not be disappointed in the care she provides." ~ M - Calgary Surgeon

"Thank you so so much for taking such good care of me today.  I'm so glad I finally made good on my promise to myself to return to you, and to make this a priority.  I absolutely love being in your space.  The environment and set-up helped me to feel a sense of warmth, comfort and privacy, and to really let go of the last couple of weeks.  It's the perfect environment for me just be completely present in your hands-on healing.  I needed it so bad, and I already feel amazing."

"The *amazing* lady who gave me back mobility in my wrists and hands. I've had many massage therapists over the years, and hands down, Fonda offers genuine HEALING. ♥"

"I am a 69 year old woman with osteoarthritis and a twisting of my spine with muscle and posture imbalance. A thorough range of motion analysis was done of all parts of my body and a treatment plan put in place, each session starting with time in an infrared sauna (lovely!). I was also given exercises to use between my treatments. Photos of the results of my treatment can be seen at the clinic. They are amazing, showing a marked improvement in the way I now stand, my posture -- and the way I move and climb stairs, etc. I consider regular therapeutic massage treatment I receive at Hillhurst Healing Arts to be a part of my preventative program, staying away from what are, for me, adverse consequences of chemical pain drugs. I feel better so I am more active, which leads to further improvement. I very much recommend a such a preventative plan for other seniors -- we can improve the quality of our lives so easily! Thanks, Fonda."

"I have been utilizing my health benefits for Licensed Massage Therapist and Chiropractor in combination to fix a chronic pain in my shoulder as a result of a bad fall on the ice--I am glad to say that I am very pleased with my choice in holistic therapists and am living pain free which is fantastic!"

"Fonda has an amazing ability to work out any problem areas with a healing touch. She is accurate and gives an amazing massage! Thanks Fonda! Always feel much better after a visit with u:)"

"I can't believe I can shoulder check again!"

"Great, focused treatment, lots of varied techniques that felt really effective."

"Was AMAZING! Perfect pressure amount and technique to all tense and sore muscles!"

"Massage has given me back my freedom of movement.  I have no pain in my shoulder, and can play badminton again."

"Weekly sessions have been wonderful & very therapeutic.  Better than the physio I had for my hip injury!"

"Fonda has given me great advice & stretching exercises that really help."

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